Air Purifiers, Air Filters and Indoor Air Quality: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re looking to get rid of smoke, pet dander, dust or musty odors, purifying your indoor air can be fulfilling. Considering the fact that air pollution can be up to five times higher indoors than outdoors, it’s important to use the right air purifiers and filters within your home in Valdosta, GA. Here’s how these IAQ solutions work to improve the air quality in your home.

How Air Purifiers Work to Improve Air Quality

Air purifiers usually use fine sieves to suck pollutants out of the circulating air. As the air circulates through the sieve, particles and other contaminants are trapped, and the clean air is released back into the room. The sieves are commonly made of mesh, fiberglass or paper, and they require regular maintenance and replacement to increase efficiency.

Typically, as more dirt gets captured within the filters, the airflow becomes restricted. With time, space for particles to pass through reduces, thus preventing the particles from getting to the filters. When this happens, depending on the type and usage, you need to clean or replace your air purifier.

How Air Filters Work to Improve Air Quality

Think of air filters as medical face masks. They act as protective gear to eliminate pollutants from the air that can harm people the same way filters eliminate harmful particles from the air. While the type of filter you buy will depend on the usage, it’s essential to note that most of the standard air filters work in the same way. They remove particles like hair, dirt and pet fur from the air by pushing it through a filter substance.

They work like sieves to trap pollutants in the filter material as air circulates through it. Particles that are bigger than the filter holes get trapped on the surface of the sieve and prevent them from penetrating the clean air stream.

However, it’s best to clean or replace your air filters to ensure the air in your home is always clean. Maintaining good indoor air quality is beneficial in many ways, including the following.

Prevents Allergens

Having good indoor air quality can help reduce allergic reactions characterized by coughing, sneezing, itchy throat, congestion, and irritated eyes. Some common allergens within your home may include pet fur, dust, spores, cockroach debris and other pollutants. Improving your home air quality can help mitigate the impact of these allergens to enhance comfort.

Easy Breathing

Breathing may seem obvious, but the truth is that your home’s air quality impacts breathing. Contaminated indoor air may result in strained lungs, which in turn may affect your breathing ability.

But when indoor air quality is good, breathing becomes easier. Elimination of air pollutants also makes your home comfortable and reduces the risk of health complications.

Better Sleep

You and your family deserve quality and comfortable sleep. While breathing rates vary over the sleep cycle, good air quality is essential to facilitate quality sleep.

Contaminated air may reduce the amount of oxygen you breathe, thus leading to interrupted sleep. This means improved air quality can enhance better sleep and help prevent the risk of sleep-related disorders such as respiratory irritation and sleep apnea.

Balanced Humidity

Improved indoor air quality can help facilitate moisture control. The amount of water in the air affects your home comfort. Too much moisture can make your house feel moist and stuffy, which can affect breathing.

It can also attract pests, dust mites or result in bacterial growth. On the same note, little moisture may lead to complications such as static shock, nose bleeding and irritated skin.

Indoor pollution can be a threat to your health and comfort. Finding the right air purifiers and air filters can be an excellent home air quality solution.

It’s important to choose reliable service technicians to help find appliances that meet your specific needs. Call us at Waller Heating & Air today for the best indoor air quality services.

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