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Comprehensive HVAC Services in Valdosta, Thomasville and Surrounding Areas in South Georgia & North Florida

At Waller Heating & Air Conditioning, we are proud to provide first-class HVAC service. From routine equipment maintenance to high-tech HVAC installation, we give our all to every job. We offer a range of products and services for a healthy and comfortable home. Whether we’re installing a ductless mini-split system or helping you choose a new Trane furnace, we want you to be happy with our work.

Services Waller Heating & Air Conditioning

Complete Air Conditioning Service

Waller Heating & Air Conditioning can keep you cool throughout the steamy summers in Valdosta, Georgia. AC maintenance is one of our most cost-effective services and the best insurance against air conditioner breakdowns. HVAC tune-ups increase AC efficiency to help you save on your energy bills. Call to find out about our Energy Savings Agreement. If you’re considering a new AC installation, schedule a consultation to learn what’s involved. We’re happy to help you learn about other ways you can save.

Heating Maintenance and Installation

Tune-up your heater now so it’ll be ready for winter. Maintenance is essential for all heating systems. It’s the best way to protect the unit and also reduces breakdowns and repair costs. Do you have an older heater that’s barely working? We can help you choose an energy-efficient replacement.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs

Our NATE-certified service technicians have the training to tackle any heating problem. We take pride in getting the job done wherever, however, no matter how big or small. Whether you need residential, light commercial, or residential new construction HVAC repairs, we’re ready to serve you:

  • With more than 45 employees, we can respond quickly to your HVAC repair needs.
  • We offer 24/7 emergency service to minimize downtime when there’s a malfunction.
  • Our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee provides the assurance you need to freely choose us as your HVAC contractor.
  • As a Trane Comfort Specialist, you can expect high levels of service and technicians committed to ongoing training.

We’re also the area’s only independent Trane Comfort Specialist. It’s top-notch service only with Waller Heating & Air Conditioning. Our service technicians keep their work area clean and make it a point to avoid disrupting your privacy.

Heat Pump Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs

Install a heat pump today and enjoy year-round comfort. A simple reversing valve switches operations from air conditioning in summer to efficient heating when winter arrives. Get all you need from one unit plus quiet operation, advanced filtration, and variable speed operation.

Our Ductless AC Services

Do you want affordable, energy-efficient cooling? Check out our ductless mini-split systems. We can install these air conditioners in one area or several rooms. With zoning, we can customize air conditioning to suit your preferences. Ductless systems are ideal for rooms without ductwork, and our service technicians can install your new unit in just one day. Say goodbye to leaky ducts and inefficient air conditioning. With a mini-split system, you upgrade your comfort and reduce energy waste.

Indoor Air Quality Products

Tightly-sealed homes conserve energy, but you are likely to experience problems with indoor air quality (IAQ). Without adequate ventilation, IAQ suffers because of airborne contaminants. We carry state-of-the-art air cleaning products that destroy harmful particles. Ventilators replace stale indoor air with fresh air while dehumidifiers help to control high indoor humidity. Air purifiers and air cleaners trap contaminants leaving you with fresh, clean air. We also carry UV lights that neutralize toxic particles as they pass through your ductwork.

Complete Geothermal Services

Geothermal HVAC uses the temperature of the ground beneath your home or a nearby water source to heat and cool your home. Our experience, years in business, and training mean we can provide expert services for advanced HVAC systems. Geothermal HVAC technology can make a big difference in comfort and energy savings. We’re happy to provide a consultation to provide more information and show you how a geothermal system could work for your home.

Controls and Thermostats

Home comfort is so much easier today with remote control and wireless devices. We carry and install programmable and smart thermostats that make temperature management and energy efficiency simple. You’ll be able to make updates to your thermostat no matter where you are — as long as you have internet access. Control your thermostat and other home equipment with the touch of a button. We make energy saving and indoor comfort easy.

Light Commercial HVAC Services

Waller Heating & Air Conditioning provides light commercial HVAC services and solutions for small businesses. We have the experience and expertise to repair, service, and install your heating and cooling systems. If you’re a local business owner, we can help you stay on top of HVAC issues. Many business owners don’t have time to look after their HVAC systems. With our Energy Savings Agreement, you won’t neglect essential preventive maintenance. We help you keep your customers and employees comfortable.

Your Leading HVAC Contractor

Waller Heating & Air Conditioning is family owned and operated. We specialize in repairs, replacements, and new construction and light commercial HVAC service. We take pride in our reputation and treat our customers like friends and family. If you live in any of the following communities, we’ll be happy to provide HVAC service:

  • Adel, GA
  • Lakeland, GA
  • Quitman, GA
  • Thomasville, GA
  • Valdosta, GA
  • Madison, FL

We take our status as a Trane Top Ten dealer seriously. Our factory-trained service technicians have the skills to ensure we keep you satisfied. It’s the norm for our clients stay with us through the years, and that is only possible because we deliver first-rate service. Give us a call today. We’re always happy to welcome new customers to the family.

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