Beware of These 6 Common HVAC Problems and Their Effects on Comfort

Most people in Lakeland, Georgia, know when their HVAC system isn’t working correctly. Maybe you’ve noticed it making strange noises, running all the time or leaving the house at an uncomfortable temperature. While you might not know the exact reason for the problem, you can tell that something is wrong. If your HVAC system isn’t running as efficiently as it should, it may be time to call your local service technician in order to bring it back to peak performance. Keep an eye out for these six HVAC problems:

The Heater Blows Cold Air

If your system is blowing cold air in the winter, it could be a problem with your heat pump’s compressor. The compressor should carry out the heat exchange by pushing refrigerant through the coils, then eventually evaporating the heat into your home. When it doesn’t work, it’s impossible for the HVAC system to heat your air. This is an issue that a professional service technician should address because it involves your system’s delicate inner workings.

Your System Makes Loud Noises

If you hear unusual rasping, grinding or squealing when your equipment is on, it may indicate that parts such as bearings and belts are wearing out. While this can be normal wear and tear, sometimes these noises are caused by dirty burners or air circulation issues. If you allow this to continue, you’ll face lasting damage and the need to replace your HVAC system. To avoid problems, have your HVAC system regularly maintained by a qualified HVAC service technician.

HVAC Components are Dirty

If your HVAC system isn’t cooling or heating as well as it should, it may be because it isn’t getting regular cleaning and maintenance. When inner components are dirty, your entire system works harder and dies sooner. Things you can do yourself include changing the air filters and keeping the area around the condenser unit free from grass and debris. Everything else should be handled by an HVAC professional who will use special cleaning agents to prevent components from causing other common HVAC problems.

The System Blows Continuously

For a blower that never shuts itself off, check the fan setting on your thermostat first to make sure you didn’t accidentally switch it to "on" instead of "auto." If that’s not the case, you may have an issue with your fan relay mechanism. This device normally turns the blower on when the thermostat calls for heat. However, it can run continuously when it isn’t working properly. Again, because this involves some major HVAC components you don’t want to accidentally damage, one of our service technicians should diagnose and fix this problem for you.

It’s Leaking Water

Clogged drain lines can cause your HVAC system to leak water by creating a condensate overflow. To prevent this from happening, you can periodically clean out the drain pan. Leaks can also be caused by the evaporator drain pan, heat exchanger or collector box. In these instances, our HVAC professionals will identify the leak’s origins, clean the drain line, and repair the problem.

System Leaks Refrigerant

When your HVAC system fluctuates in temperature more than it should or barely changes your home’s temperature, it could be a case of leaking refrigerant. Leaks cause the compressor to run hot and may eventually kill your system. For this reason, you should contact your HVAC service technician as soon as you notice an issue. We’ll locate the leak, repair it, and test it before charging the system with the exact amount of refrigerant necessary by your manufacturer’s specification. Too much refrigerant causes the compressor to fail, and not enough can cause your compressor to seize up.

Your HVAC system is vital to home comfort. While you can complete some basic maintenance yourself, you should leave most tasks to a trained professional. Contact Waller Heating & Air Conditioning today at (229) 375-5040 to schedule your next HVAC maintenance visit.

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