How Do Smart Thermostats Work, and Do I Need One in Adel, GA?

Are you handling the summer heat in Adel, GA, without worry? One way to stay cool and comfortable while enjoying energy efficiency and savings is by incorporating a smart thermostat into your air conditioner. Here’s some information about smart thermostats and the benefits of installing one in your home.

How Smart Thermostats Function

Unlike their traditional counterparts, smart thermostats allow you to control the heating and cooling of your home remotely. Even more impressive is the innovative technology that can “learn” your routines.

Smart thermostats independently adjust temperatures, considering habits such as when you’re absent from home, what rooms you spend time in and the temperatures you prefer. You can even control your thermostat using an app.

With smart programmable thermostats, you can preset commands that take into account your schedule or the number of people present in the room. Tracking your energy habits and use can also help you understand your energy consumption and adjust it as needed.

The thermostat consists of three parts, with one of the components plugging into the HVAC system directly. The joining part allows for communication between your HVAC system and the smart thermostat control. Your smart app on your computer, tablet or smartphone completes the smart thermostat layout.

Smart Thermostats Can Save You Money

We know energy bills can often get out of hand, especially in the summer. Your situation will be even more costly if you’re using a regular thermostat. With smart, programmable thermostats, your temperature readings will be more efficient and accurate to the present conditions.

Making adjustments based on your patterns and schedule enables you to save energy. You stand to save up to 12% on heating expenses and 15% on cooling costs. This is all the more reason to hire an HVAC professional to upgrade you to a smart thermostat.

No Worries About HVAC Scheduling

Smart thermostats may seem complicated due to their technology, but they actually make your work easier and improve your comfort. With smart thermostats, you no longer have the hassle of constantly adjusting the temperatures or turning your HVAC system on and off. Smart thermostats always stay on top of your temperature needs independently.

In addition, most smart thermostat brands come with motion sensors that can detect movement or activity in your home or any of its rooms. This enables the thermostat to turn on the HVAC when people are active in your home or switch it off when you’re away or asleep.

Flexibility to Connect to Smart Devices

Due to technological updates, most smart devices are compatible and connect to smart devices. Therefore, you can connect, share information and control other home devices such as air cleaners and smart humidifiers.

Remote Control

Have you ever thought of pre-cooling your home for comfort right before you arrive? Smart thermostats allow you to do just that and simply. Just log in to your companion smartphone app and set the controls.

You’re not limited to day-to-day controlling, either. You can plan out a detailed schedule for your heating and cooling needs for as long as a week. The controls and app are all user friendly and work quickly and accurately.

Tracking Your Energy Use

As mentioned earlier, a smart thermostat can help track your energy use over a long period. That can help you know the peak seasons or times when you use the most energy, so you can plan for the extra costs. Through the tracking system, you can stay aware of any sudden energy surges that might signal a malfunction requiring AC repair.

If you often forget about your maintenance routines, smart thermostats can give you alerts for when to schedule maintenance or even remind you to change your air filters. Your smart thermostat can be your energy planner and assist you in understanding and improving energy efficiency in your home.

A smart thermostat is an effective option that offers you a lot more than a traditional device. Contact us at Waller Heating & Air Conditioning to upgrade your thermostat and schedule HVAC maintenance for your Adel, GA, home.

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