4 Tips to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Furnace in Adel, GA

Your furnace should last at least 15 years from the date it’s installed. But neglect and improper use can bring that life expectancy down by a few years and lead to some inconvenient repair and energy bills. By following a few tips, your furnace in Adel, GA, could potentially work great for 20 years or more.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

As a general rule of thumb, experts recommend scheduling tuneups at least every six months. Ideally, you want to time it right before the start of the summer and winter months when temperatures start to rise and drop significantly.

Temperatures in Adel can drop down to a chilly 43 degrees. By scheduling a tuneup right before this temperature drop, you can make sure your HVAC system will deliver the heating your home needs to stay comfortable.

A professional tuneup from a local HVAC service technician includes inspecting your furnace, re-greasing moving parts and cleaning different components, including your air filters, refrigerant lines and condenser coil, We’ll also give you advice on how to best care for your furnace.

Replace or Clean Your Air Filter

Your furnace has a filter that traps dirt, debris and other fine particulate matter from the outside air. Over time, your filter could accumulate too much debris and clog up, causing poor airflow and forcing your furnace to work harder to regulate indoor temperatures. Overworking also leads to your fan and its respective parts wearing out at a faster rate.

How often you should replace your furnace’s air filter depends on the size and conditions in which your furnace runs. For instance, a 1- to 2-inch filter typically lasts up to three months before you need to replace it. Bigger filters, including 6-inch ones, may last for up to a whole year before they need replacing.

If you have pets in your home or live in an area of Georgia with a high pollen count, you may also have to replace or clean your furnace’s air filter more frequently. Regular indoor air quality checks can help determine how often you should clean or replace your filter.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

A faulty thermostat can accelerate the rate of your furnace deterioration by causing it to operate inefficiently. Shorter or longer cycle times, inaccurate temperature readings and missed temperature targets all lead to using your HVAC system more frequently.

If you moved into a home with an existing furnace and thermostat, upgrading to a new thermostat is a cheaper alternative compared to upgrading to a new heating system. Modern thermostats carry a number of energy-saving features that older models don’t have. These control features can help you micromanage your HVAC system easier and require you to use your system less.

Shopping for a smart thermostat can be intimidating, especially for first-timers. Even more so, installing it can be technically complex. Consult with an HVAC professional to get a recommendation on what thermostat brand and model best fits your budget and existing furnace.

Don’t Put Off Repairs

If your furnace is behaving improperly, it’s best to have a set of trained eyes look at the problem right away. Putting repairs off can cost you more over time. Here are some telltale signs that your furnace needs a repair:

  • Insufficient heating.
  • Faulty thermostat.
  • Tripped CO2 alarm.
  • Persistent banging noise.
  • Over-cycling.
  • Spike in utility bills.

Investing in furnace maintenance and repairs may cost money in the short term, but it saves you more money in the long run. If you wish to explore more ways to better care for your furnace in Adel, GA, or would like to know more about HVAC preventive maintenance services, contact Waller Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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