7 Ways to Use Your AC System Efficiently This Cooling Season

Your air conditioner is necessary if you want to keep your home comfortable in the summertime. It takes out the hot air from inside, cools it via the outside unit, then pushes it back into your house. Here are seven tips for using your AC system efficiently so you can keep your Thomasville, GA, home cool at a reasonable cost:

Change the Filters

Filters clean the indoor air by trapping the dust and debris, enabling the system to function efficiently. When the filter clogs, the AC system will work harder, consuming a lot of energy and raising utility bills. It’s best to change your filters at least once a month. As a result, your air conditioner will run much more efficiently.

Don’t Cool Spaces You’re Not Using

To minimize energy usage, only cool spaces in use. But that’s only possible if your have HVAC zoning in your home. If you do, switch off the air conditioning in unoccupied rooms to save energy. As a result, you’ll lower your energy bills.

Ensure Proper AC System Sizing

For your AC system to work efficiently, make sure you install the right size for the square footage of your house and the number of rooms you need to cool. When the air conditioner is too big for your space, it’ll short-cycle, frequently turning off and on and using a lot of energy. On the other hand, when the air conditioner is too small, it’ll strain to cool the space. As a result, it’ll waste energy.

Close the Doors and Windows

When you close the doors and windows, you prevent more heat from entering the house. When unwanted heat gets in through the windows and doors, the air conditioner will have to work harder and run longer to cool the space, thus expending more energy. Closing windows and doors will also prevent the conditioned air from leaving the house, and your air conditioning system won’t need to overwork.

Only Turn on the AC System When You Need It

It’s not necessary to turn on the AC system when there’s no one in the house or when the indoor temperature is comfortably cool. You can use the air conditioner timer and set your cooling system to turn on only when the temperature is high and people are in the house. This will save on your energy bills because when your family is out for work or school or when the temperature is cool, the air conditioner will turn off automatically.

Use a Smart Thermostat to Boost Efficiency

Installing a smart thermostat will greatly save on the energy your air conditioner uses. Pushing up your thermostat temperature to about 78 degrees will maintain comfort and save on your energy bills. Having a smart thermostat will make this easy for you because you can adjust your thermostat anytime, from anywhere as long as you have a smart device.

Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

To optimize the efficiency of your air conditioning system, schedule regular maintenance with professional service technicians. You should receive maintenance services at least once a year, preferably during the spring, to prevent major breakdowns in the upcoming summer.

During the maintenance visit, the service technicians will check the system. They will make sure everything is working effectively. This will enhance the air conditioning system’s efficiency and minimize energy consumption.

The AC system accounts for a big percentage of your annual energy bills. Having your cooling system installed properly and serviced regularly will keep your utility bills affordable. For upgrading, replacement, maintenance and repair of your AC system in Thomasville, GA, get in touch with our team at Waller Heating & Air Conditioning.

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