Why Your Commercial HVAC System Needs TLC

Don’t wait for something to go wrong with the HVAC system in your Thomasville, Georgia, home before you give it attention. New installation and repairs can take quite a chunk out of your budget. You can avoid early replacements and expensive emergency costs by giving your commercial HVAC system the care it needs.

Consider Your Stakeholders

You might not notice the effects of neglecting your system right away. Eventually, however, it will be hard to ignore difficulty in regulating heating and air conditioning. One concern for some businesses is the effect on inventory. More common, though, is the impact on your employees. Studies show that environments that are too hot or too cold affect productivity. According to a Berkeley Lab report, performance decreases with temperature above 73 to 75 degrees. Additionally, an uncomfortable environment can turn customers away.

Your goal should be to provide a comfortable environment for all occupants. We are experts in ductless AC installation, and zoning is an option to improve air conditioning efficiency in many businesses. Ductless mini-splits present an inexpensive way to improve indoor air quality and comfort. The easy installation is also an advantage that makes these a popular option for many businesses.

Taking Care of Your Commercial HVAC System

To get the most out of your heating and cooling systems and protect their operating life:

  • Invest in Seasonal Maintenance: We recommend a spring tuneup to get the system ready for summer and then again in fall so your furnace will be in good shape for winter.
  • Schedule Timely Repairs: Give us a call as soon as you notice a problem. You might be preoccupied with running your business, however, neglecting to address developing HVAC issues could cost you more in the long run.
  • Don’t Forget the Ductwork: It’s not unusual for homeowners and businesses alike to only be concerned about the heating and air conditioning units. However, the ductwork plays an integral role in efficient HVAC performance and the delivery of fresh, clean air.

Schedule regular duct cleaning service, especially if airborne contaminants are a concern because of the nature of your business. Make sure someone is responsible for regular filter changes, too. Dirty air filters also diminish indoor air quality and can cause deposits of debris within the system that, in turn, affect various components. Dirty filters or polluted ductwork can also lead to higher energy bills as any buildup taxes the system.

How You Benefit

Apart from keeping customers and employees comfortable, you’ll save more money when you avoid frequent repair and untimely installation costs. Additionally, regular maintenance allows you to take care of any developing problems before they lead to more expensive repairs. When you schedule maintenance with Waller Heating & Air, we thoroughly inspect and clean your system to improve performance and efficiency.

When you can control wear and tear and facilitate smoother operation, you avoid energy waste and high energy bills. Poor indoor air quality can negatively affect employees. Airborne contaminants can cause symptoms that include headaches and fatigue which also affect productivity. Prolonged exposure can lead to more requests for sick days, which impacts operations. Taking care of your HVAC system will help to eliminate these problems.

Choosing Your HVAC Contractor

You’ll want to ensure your heating and air conditioning units are in good hands. Depending on the size of your business, a commercial HVAC system can be quite expensive. That’s another reason regular tuneups are so important. Perhaps even more critical is your choice of an HVAC contractor for installation, repair, and maintenance. When choosing a company, ensure that:

  • The company and technicians have all required licenses and insurance
  • The HVAC contractor has a solid reputation and is dependable
  • The company has the expertise to service commercial systems

At Waller Heating & Air, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will take the best care of your valuable equipment. We employ NATE-certified technicians with years of rigorous training on various models of heating and air conditioning units. Your commercial HVAC system is in good hands with our team. Call us today for the professional services you need: (229) 375-5040.

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