Duct Cleaning Helps Your HVAC System and Health: Here’s How

Protecting your HVAC system in Valdosta, GA, from wear and tear saves you time and money in multiple ways. The ducts within your heater or air conditioner deserve as much attention and care as any other component in your HVAC system. That’s why scheduling duct cleaning every two to five years is imperative. Read on to learn why cleaning your HVAC ducts is beneficial.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Dirty ductwork includes layers of dirt, dust and debris that inhibit airflow. As a result, your heater or air conditioner has to strain to push conditioned air into your living spaces, increasing heating and cooling costs.

Fewer HVAC Filter Changes

Your HVAC system’s filter traps particle pollutants, preventing them from clogging your heater or air conditioner. It also stops them from recirculating in your house. If you have filthy ductwork, your HVAC filter will clog faster. As a result, you’ll pay for more filter replacements over your HVAC system’s lifespan. Duct cleaning minimizes filter changes.

Reduced Risk of Breakdowns

An HVAC system with filthy components will work harder to heat and cool your house. The added stress and strain will increase the risk of breakdowns and repairs. By scheduling duct cleaning, you’ll reduce that risk.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Clean ducts don’t recirculate dusty and dirty air around your house. As a result, they don’t contribute to worsening your indoor air quality. You’ll breathe easier, sleep better and enjoy a higher quality life when your HVAC ducts are pristine. Consider installing an in-duct air purifier to ensure your family and friends enjoy healthier indoor air quality.

Don’t let dirty ducts impact your comfort and health. Schedule a duct cleaning service today by calling Waller Heating & Air Conditioning. We have the skills and tools to reach every nook and cranny of your ducts to keep them in like-new condition.

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