Is My Furnace in Quitman, GA, Still Operating Efficiently?

To stay safe and warm all year long in Quitman, GA, you need a heater that’s running safely and efficiently. Sometimes, as your heating system ages, it begins to wear out and become less efficient. Consider these signs that your furnace is no longer running as optimally as it should:

Heating Takes a While

It shouldn’t take hours for your heating system to bring your home up to a comfortable temperature. Whether it’s caused by dirty filters and vents or a problem with the heater that needs repairing, slow heating is a sign you should call an HVAC professional.

High Heating Costs

Have you noticed that your utility bills creep up each year little by little? This happens as your heating system gradually starts working in a less-efficient manner, running for longer periods to heat your home. A thorough tuneup may help the system run more effectively.


A furnace that needs to run constantly to maintain the temperature in your home could be running in a much more efficient manner. There may be an issue with a burner or with the pilot light that a repair or tuneup would fix.

Old Age and Low AFUE Rating

Once your furnace reaches about 15 years in age, a replacement is usually more energy-efficient than continued repairs. Older furnaces waste up to 40% of fuel, whereas newer models may waste as little as 2%.

Lukewarm or Cold Air

A furnace that runs well but blows anything but warm air most likely has an airflow issue that’s causing reduced heating and efficiency. Call a service technician to take a look after first changing the filter.

Is your furnace showing these signs of old age and inefficiency? Contact Waller Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll see if a new furnace installation is the right choice for you.

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