Is My HVAC System Messing Up My Sleep in Valdosta, GA?

Everyone has tried to sleep in a room that’s way too hot or cold and felt frustrated. Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your Valdosta, GA, home can help you enjoy a quality night of sleep. Read on to learn about how your HVAC system can impact your sleep quality and what you can do to improve it.

High Humidity Can Make You Drowsy

A humid home can make you feel fatigued and zap your energy levels quickly. You get as many hours of sleep as you’d like, but you’re probably going still going to wake up feeling groggy if the inside of your home is too muggy. A high-quality dehumidifier can help make your home less stuffy and protect your beauty rest all summer long.

A Noisy HVAC Unit Can Wake You Up

Humans get used to background noise very quickly, and some white-noise generators can even help you fall asleep faster. However, Sudden noises coming from your HVAC unit can startle you and make it nearly impossible to get adequate rest. Brights lights can also disturb your sleep, so make sure to cover any LEDs if there’s an HVAC system in your bedroom.

A Dirty Filter Can Worsen Allergies

Do you suffer from allergies? Not changing your HVAC system’s filter will worsen your symptoms, which will impact your sleep quality. Change the air filter every month. By doing so, you’ll help to maintain good indoor air quality and enjoy quality night of rest.

Do you think your HVAC system might be impacting your sleep quality? We can come out for a maintenance appointment at a time that works for you. To book an HVAC service, contact Waller Heating & Air Conditioning today. We’re here to help you sleep better and enjoy a higher quality of life at home.

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