Can My Pets Worsen My Indoor Air Quality in Quitman, GA?

More than half of households in the United States have at least one pet, with cats and dogs being the most common. Pets enhance the lives of homeowners in Quitman, GA, but they can also cause problems. Read on and discover the link between pet dander and allergies and how you can improve the air quality of your home as a pet owner.

The Link Between Pet Dander and Allergies

Most people who are allergic to their pets actually have problems with their dander, which is small flakes of dead skin that fall off animals that have fur or feathers. These particles of skin are tiny and can easily float in the air for weeks. They can also stick to furniture and bedding, causing itchy inflamed eyes and breathing problems.

The Effect On Your HVAC System

Small particles easily make their way into your HVAC system, where they are then re-circulated throughout the entire house. Hair and dander can easily clog your HVAC filter as well, leading to reduced airflow in the home. Together, these problems create a less than ideal indoor air quality that’s particularly harmful for those with asthma.

Cleaning Practices to Help

You might think dusting is the best way to clean pet dander, but that only releases the particles into the air and throughout the home. Instead, vacuum like your life depends on it. Get in all those little corners and clean as well as you can, since this keeps harmful materials from floating into your HVAC system.

Consider a Whole-Home Air Purifier

An air purifier helps eliminate harmful toxins from your home, including dust and pet dander. It also helps your HVAC system run more efficiently. Portable units are great if your budget is small and you want a solution for a certain room, but whole-home purifiers are the most effective.

Realize your furry friends are having a negative impact on your indoor air quality? We’re here to help! Give Waller Heating & Air Conditioning a call to ask us about our air purifiers and other indoor air quality products.

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