4 Reasons You Need Proper Home Ventilation

Summer humidity in Valdosta, GA, can make it hard to catch a fresh breath, especially for people who suffer from respiratory issues. Read on to learn how proper home ventilation can help with humidity levels and asthma episodes in your living space.

Reduces Humidity

Poor ventilation can cause negative air pressure. Negative air pressure occurs when the pressure inside your house is lower than the pressure outside; your home has to draw in muggy air to restore balance. An HVAC professional can assess and rectify a poorly designed ventilation and air conditioning system. As a result, they can reduce the humidity level in your living space and allow household members to breathe easier.

Reduces Allergens

A poorly designed ventilation system can cause pollen, dust and other irritants to become trapped in your home. Household members may breathe in these particles, irritating sensitive airways. A professional can suggest changes to your system that will reduce pollutants in your home’s air. As a result, it’ll be less likely family members will suffer from allergy symptoms.

Reduces Asthma Triggers

Too much moisture in your home can increase levels of biological growth, dust mites and ground-level ozone. All three are triggers that may cause a family member to have an asthma attack. Good ventilation will decrease your house’s moisture level and reduce asthma triggers while supplying fresh air for your family to breathe.

Reduces Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emissions from household items, such as cleaning products and electronic devices, that may negatively impact family members with asthma. A proper ventilation system exchanges stale inside air for refreshing outside air to dilute and control VOCs in your living space, supporting your family’s health.

Proper ventilation can help you and your family catch a fresh breath during the muggy days of Georgia’s summer. Contact us at Waller Heating & Air Conditioning today if you suspect you have a ventilation problem, and let us help you improve the indoor air quality in your household.

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