3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Repair Your Own Furnace

DIY enthusiasts make videos that encourage people to repair their furnaces. Unfortunately, these videos don’t emphasize the risks and dangers associated with a DIY furnace repair. This article will discuss the hazards of attempting a DIY furnace repair in Valdosta, GA.

You Can Damage Your Furnace

You need extensive training to understand the layout of various furnace components, how to repair them and the right tools to use. If you don’t have this training, you may damage some parts of your furnace while working on others.

You may also wrongly diagnose the furnace and repair the wrong parts. These mistakes create new problems that are costly to repair. If the damage is extensive, a professional service technician in Valdosta, GA, may even recommend that you replace your system.

You May Harm Your Family

Some furnace components can harm you and your family if you handle them inappropriately. For instance, you may come in contact with naked wires and get electrocuted. You may also puncture the gas line, resulting in gas leaks.

Natural gas harms human health when inhaled. If the gas enters your kitchen and comes in contact with flames, an explosion can occur, damaging your property.

Also, by trying to fix your furnace yourself, you may damage the mechanisms that cause combustion. This could result in incomplete combustion, which produces carbon monoxide. Since this gas is colorless and odorless, it’ll continue to affect your family long before you know it’s a problem.

You Will Cancel Your Warranty

When you buy a furnace, the contractor gives you a warranty as a show of confidence in their product. The warranty document states that the contractor will repair or replace your system for free should problems arise within a certain period. However, the warranty says that the contractor won’t fulfill this duty if you attempt DIY repairs or hire unprofessional service technicians.

Instead of stressing yourself out by trying to repair your faulty furnace, leave the job to professionals. You can call Waller Heating & Air Conditioning for quality heating services when your furnace malfunctions. We always get the job done in the shortest time possible to restore our clients’ comfort.

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