4 Tips to Combat Spring Allergens

A number of allergens pop up during the spring season in Lakeland, Georgia. As a result, they cause unpleasant health symptoms that include congestion, eye irritation and coughing. If you’re suffering from allergies, follow these helpful tips to combat spring allergens:

Keep Your Windows Closed

It’s always tempting to open the windows when the weather starts to warm up after a chilly winter. However, open windows are an easy way to allow allergens directly into your home.

Instead of opening the windows, rely on your home’s HVAC system and ceiling fans to provide ventilation and airflow. You don’t have to drop the temperature drastically. But you can program your thermostat to set up a cooling schedule that works with your lifestyle.

Use High-Quality Air Filters

Your heating and cooling system use a filter to remove particles from the air. As a result, it prevents them from re-circulating every time it runs.

Air filters come in a wide range of styles, some of which can remove much smaller particles than others. If you have allergies during the spring season, consider upgrading to a filter with a higher minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). A filter with a higher number can remove more contaminants from the air you breathe. Also, you should consider investing in an air purifier that has a highly rated filter.

Schedule Duct Cleaning

Over time, debris in the air tends to settle in your ductwork. Dirty ducts can impact the quality of the air you breathe and cause you to experience allergy symptoms in your home. A professional duct cleaning service can make sure the space your air flows through is clean and sanitary. Regular duct cleaning can also improve indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency. As a result, it can help you breathe easier and save you money.

Do you want more information about spring allergens and indoor air quality? Contact Waller Heating & Air Conditioning by calling (229) 375-5040.

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