Utilize the Power of UV Lights in Your Home

Want cleaner air in your Thomasville, GA, home? Consider the benefits of using recent technology like an ultraviolet light air purifier. Here are some of the ways in which air purifiers with UV lights provide better quality indoor air, making your home more enjoyable for your family:

What’s UV Light?

It stands for ultraviolet light, which is radiation that makes up 10% of sunlight. UV light is electromagnetic energy. Its wavelengths are shorter than visible light but longer than x-rays.

How It Works

UV provides beneficial germicidal and antiviral properties. It has uses in hospitals and schools for disinfection and is in use to kill germs, viruses and other microorganisms. Within the home, it may eradicate the DNA of certain bacteria.

Different Applications

UV lights can be in HVAC systems to keep clean circulated air flowing. These lights may also clean surfaces, such as in hospitals. Municipalities that provide water treatment may even use UV lights to clean water.

Why UV Lights Are Beneficial to Your Home

UV lights may have uses in the ductwork of your home since this light can connect to pathogens in hard-to-reach areas. Indoor air quality is important, especially for those with allergies. By installing air purifiers with it in your home, UV light kills microbes that can be irritants to those with sensitivity. As a result, people who suffer from allergies don’t have to worry as much about attacks.

Contact us at Waller Heating & Air Conditioning to learn how a UV light may work behind the scenes to give you better air quality. We also offer duct cleaning services to help you improve IAQ and HVAC efficiency even more. Better air may mean better breathing, which is a benefit for everyone in your family. We’d love to serve you in any capacity.

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