4 Warning Signs of a Dirty Furnace Filter in Thomasville, GA

Your furnace has a filter that it uses to push clean air into your home. The filter does a good job of trapping any particles or allergens that you would otherwise inhale. Make sure you know the warning signs of a dirty furnace filter and when to call for help cleaning or changing it.

High Heating Bills

If your heating bill in Thomasville, GA, recently rose, take a look at the filter. Your furnace absorbs the surrounding air and passes it through the filter before it releases it back out. When the filter is dirty, the furnace needs to work harder to pull in and expel that air, which can lead to higher heating bills.

Burning Odor

Smelling a burning odor when you turn on your furnace is common and lets you know that it’s burning off dust buildup. If the smell persists after you run the furnace for a few hours or longer, it usually relates to the filter. A clogged filter will cause the furnace to overheat and release a burning odor.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Winter affects your indoor air quality in many ways, such as trapping stale air in your home and increasing the number of allergens. A dirty filter can release any allergens trapped on the surface back into your environment. With air-cleaning solutions and a good filter, you can get through the winter with fewer allergy symptoms.


You also want to keep an eye out for malfunctions as signs of a dirty filter. They can include a furnace that struggles to maintain the right temperature or one that runs on and off daily. You need to change the filter before the problem worsens.

Clean or Change Your Furnace Filter

Waller Heating & Air Conditioning has experience working with homeowners all across Thomasville, GA. They can help you change or clean the filter when you notice signs like a burning odor and common malfunctions. Call us today to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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