Why Your AC System in Adel, GA, Is Inefficient

While the heat beats down outside, enjoying the tranquility of a cool interior becomes increasingly important. Regrettably, energy expenses skyrocket throughout the summer. For some, this signifies the difference between being comfortable and healthy and incurring ever-increasing energy bills. Read on to learn why your AC system in Adel, GA, is operating inefficiently and what you can do to maximize cooling efficiency.

Inadequate AC Maintenance

One of the primary reasons your AC system consumes so much energy might be due to your maintenance schedule. When was the last time you had a competent HVAC company service your air conditioner?

It’s possible that you have an obstruction in your coils or that you need to replace your air conditioner filter. Dirty coils and filters force the air conditioner to work harder and use more energy, which can cause your cooling costs to spike. Keep a strict AC maintenance schedule, and this will help you save on energy usage.

Outdated Air Conditioner

Outdated air conditioners consume more electricity as they get older. Older air conditioning systems are much less efficient than contemporary versions.

It may be time to replace your old air conditioning system with a newer, more efficient one that uses less energy. We install new AC systems accordingly to ensure maximum output.

Air Conditioning Duct Failures

Your AC system won’t perform efficiently if objects obstruct the ducts. This leads to the air conditioner consuming more energy than usual, indicating that it’s time to contact an expert to service the system. Scheduling a duct cleaning service every few years will help your air conditioner operate more efficiently.

Call Waller Heating & Air Conditioning to have our air conditioning experts install a new AC system in your home. We provide emergency repair for your AC system 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, our 100% client satisfaction guarantee ensures you can be confident in your purchase and installation.

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