Why is My AC System in Thomasville, GA, Making Strange Noises?

Your air conditioner in Thomasville, GA, is making strange noises and you’re trying to figure out why. And rightly so, since it should be nearly silent when working properly. Here are some problems that could be at the root of the noises you’re hearing coming from your AC system:

Loose Parts

Loose parts are a common problem as air conditioners age. It could be the condenser fan blades, the cage over the condensing fan or even parts inside the compressor. The most common sound you’ll hear from loose or dislodged parts is rattling.

Refrigerant Leak

Your AC system is sealed, and the refrigerant should stay inside. However, AC systems occasionally develop leaks that put the entire air conditioner at risk of damage.

Not all refrigerant leaks will make a sound you’ll notice. However, a bubbling, hissing or screaming sound may accompany substantial leaks. The best way to detect refrigerant leaks of any kind is with routine HVAC maintenance.

Electrical Problem

A series of electrical components run your entire cooling system. From controls to motors, there are a number of parts that may go bad. The most common sounds that may accompany electrical problems include loud humming and buzzing.

Faulty Fan Motor

Your AC system has two different fans called the circulating fan and the condensing fan. These motors may fail before the rest of the system and need replacing. As they begin to fail, you may hear a rattling, buzzing or screeching noise.

Dangerously High Pressure

Your compressor creates high refrigerant pressure in the condensing coil. However, a loud screeching sound may signal a malfunctioning compressor that’s creating dangerously high pressure. If you suspect that this is the case, shut your system off and call a professional to replace the compressor.

Don’t allow air conditioning noises to ruin your home’s comfort this summer. Call today to schedule an AC repair with one of our experts at Waller Heating & Air Conditioning.

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