Why Routine HVAC Maintenance is Important for Homeowners

In Valdosta, GA, most people use air conditioners during the summer and heaters in the winter. Routine HVAC maintenance is imperative to manage the environment in your home. In addition to being a worthwhile investment, there are many other reasons to consider getting periodic HVAC maintenance. Read on to learn more.

Feel More Comfortable

You depend on your HVAC system to keep you comfortable throughout the year. Routine maintenance of your system helps regulate the indoor environment.

Regular maintenance also reduces the chances of unwanted smells and noises from the HVAC system. Preventive measures such as cleaning the ducts ensure the home cools and heats efficiently.

Save Energy and Money

Many people overlook HVAC maintenance, thinking it’s an unnecessary expenditure. However, when you don’t maintain your HVAC system, costly breakdowns are likely to occur. The breakdowns can lead to a complete system replacement or serious repairs that can cost a lot of money.

Routine maintenance extends the life of the system, reduces energy bills and ensures protection under warranty. According to some professionals, HVAC system maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns by 95%. It’s important to note that if you make a claim under your warranty, the manufacturer will request proof of maintenance.

Ensure Your Safety

There are stories of failed HVAC systems that led to house damage due to circumstances like freezing. Preventive maintenance protects against this as well as carbon monoxide poisoning, which can affect your health. Accumulation of microbial growth or dust buildup in the system ducts can aggravate health issues, too.

Our team can maintain your HVAC system to make sure it operates at peak performance all year. At Waller Heating & Air Conditioner, we offer all the air conditioning and heating maintenance services you need. Our qualified service technicians will complete your routine maintenance to a high standard. They can inspect and clean your system proficiently.

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